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Fashion Haul

Hi fashion lovers!
Yesterday I went to Rotterdam with my sister. It was a long journey but it was worth it! We went to the Primark, H&M, AxiSchoen and Tally Weiyl. Not a lot of shops, because we spent much time at Primark. Let me show you what I have! 

First of all I bought a denim blouse. I've been looking for a denim blouse for a long time, but couldn't find the right blue. A denim blouse is really a musthave. A denim blouse is perfect for layering.
I bought this Item at Tally Weiyl for €12,99. It was not expensive at all!

I love the detailing of the blouse ♥

Next I bought a denim jeans. It looks like a boyfriend jeans, but it isn't . It is a skinny jeans.  I really needed a new jeans. I bought this one at H&M for €19,95.

I bought a leather skater skirt. I've been craving for a leather skater skirt for ages! I bought this one at H&M for €24,95.

I really love this blouse. It has leather detailing. I really like the cloudy print on the blouse. This blouse is very light and I can't wait to pair this with my leather skater skirt!

Next I bought a knitted sweater with stripes on it. This sweater is great for the monochrome trend this year. 
This sweater is a little bit cropped. That is what I love about this sweater. I bought this one at H&M for €9,95

Oke guys, this is my favorite item I bought yesterday! This is a piece of art. This necklace is as big as my Ipad mini. I'd love to pair this on my denim blouse. I bought this at Primark for €9,99

I bought this faux leather bag for €14,- at Primark. I love the detailing of this bag. The snake print is great for the fall trend: Jungle Fever

My last item: lookalike dr. Martens. I love these very very much. Great for fall. These boots are so comfy!

So this was my fashion haul. Stay tuned for a fall lookbook!

xoxo Beatrice


  1. I agree, denim blouses are a staple! I LOVE that necklace,no, I am obsessed with it! :) Gorgeous!

  2. ♥♥♥ that blouse ! The detailing is gorgeous!!

    Kisses xo, Selorm.
    She Just Talks | sjtx.blogspot.com

  3. What a great shopping haul! Can't wait to see how you style it!


  4. Ah such lovely boots!
    x Astrid | http://petitmocha.blogspot.be/

  5. I love that skater skirt, and the boots and the bag,you have had a really lovely shopping trip :)

    Love your newest follower on bloglovin' and GFC

  6. Too cute!!! Love the minimal styled pieces you bought! You can never go wrong with stripes and prints (love that bag)

    -Asia Monique

  7. Loved everything here! I was so unlucky to have spotted a great looking leather skirt in Topshop, but then disappointed to see how puffy it looked, so I'm jealous! haha great purchases! xoxo

    Emily ⎜daisylocks.blogspot.com

  8. you seems to have an amazing style! love those items :)


  9. oeeeh hele mooie ketting! <3
    Ik heb trouwens ook een statement necklace giveaway op mijn blog: http://shopaholicoverhere.blogspot.nl/2013/10/my-3rd-blogiversary-giveaway.html