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Fall Lookbook + Trends 2013 + Stylight!

Hi guys,

I have a fall lookbook for you guys, and I'm going to talk about the fall fashion trends of this year as well.I found a site called Stylight. It's a website where you can post looks and add items to your look. You can also heart Items like on Fashiolista. I started using this site and it's very easy to use. This site is going to help me with this post, because I posted some looks on it :) I also added a new page on my blog so you can follow me on Stylight.
Enough talking, lets get started!

♥ Leather Weather.

The first trend and my favorite is leather. I posted a look on Stylight named Leather WeatherThis is definitely my favorite trend! And I think everyone should have a leather item in their closet.


♥ Knitted

I posted a picture on Stylight. I called it: Knitted. I love this trend, sweaters are so warm en cozy  :)
Knitted sweaters are great for layering. 

♥ Denim on Denim

 This years season again: Denim. Denim stays a trend. And I love it. I posted a outfit on Stylight called: Denim on Denim. 
And this year also: Bold Necklaces 

Junya Watanabe 
♥ Sparkly

Sequins, I love sequins, especially during the holidays. I would really like to have a sequin dress.
I don't have an item in my closet with sequins, but I will purchase some items with sequins.

Jason Wu
Ellie Saab


♥ Well Plaid.

When I was younger I always thought this print was lame. But now I'm in love with this print. I love plaided blouses. I didn't saw the right plaided blouse in Rotterdam, so I'm still looking around, plaided blouses, are like denim blouses, great for layering. This is definitely a musthave.


Marc Jacobs 


♥ Velvet
hmm, I don't really know what I have to say about this trend, velvet is not a material you have in your closet easily. 


♥ Camouflage 

In the Netherlands camo leggings and trousers were a big trend this year Spring. I really love this trend. I still have camo pants and I can't wait to style it! 

This were the trends that really stand out for me. I like them a lot, and I loved adding looks on Stylight. It's like Lookbook, Fashiolista and Polyvore in one. Make an account and follow me on Stylight. I bet you'll like it. Also which trend do you like? Let me know in the comments below! 

xoxo Beatrice 

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Disclaimer: This pictures aren't my own, I found them on the internet 


  1. Great lookbook! My favorite is that faux leather skirt, ah, I've been on the hunt for one!I discovered Stylight awhile ago & it's good to see that someone else has to.

    Xo Miriam

  2. Definitely love the leather look, your look cute in the double denim!!!

  3. Love the velvet look :) xx


  4. hey dear.. very nice blog.. please follow back.. am following http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com thks

  5. Leather look was my favorite :) I also like that red and leather dress

  6. Loved all your choices! great style! xx