''Wear what you like'' - moi

Winter Wishlist

Hi guys! This is my winter wishlist. Check out my Polyvore profile to see where to get the items. The link to my profile is linked at the top of my blog. I received my Vogue magazine yesterday and it says that sportswear is raining this season. Further I've been wanting the Casio watch for ages, but I haven't had the time to buy it. Make sure to follow my Twitter account it is linked at the top of my blog as well. By following my Twitter account, you stay updated! 

Have a nice day! 

xoxo Beatrice


  1. Love the plum lipstick, so beautiful!
    x Astrid | http://petitmocha.blogspot.be/

  2. Fab post! Love your blog, followed! xx
    The parental advisory top is so cool!